Life is good.  My question is how did I get to this stage so quickly?   The mountains of laundry and meals have long since past. Hectic schedules are all gone.  Demands have ceased.  Now, it is just doing things I want to and gets that way more so each day.  Some mornings from a bench on my front porch, I greet the sun as it lazily creeps onto the horizon.  What an awesome sight. Sit here with me and tell me there is no God.  Sipping coffee on the patio and feeling the crisp fall air, is my other favorite thing to do these early autumn mornings.  You know what, this stage of life is wonderful!  I thank God for the health to enjoy it.


Little Ro Peep

Cutest thing ever
Cutest thing ever

The latest addition to our family.  I love this picture of her beautiful legs and the only pair of shoes that will stay on her feet. 

Ten Things Tuesday

Another Tuesday.  It is a very cool, brisk fall morning.  A perfect time to count blessings.  I am thnkful for:

1.  My Children.  I love each of them dearly.  They make me so happy and are a blessing beyond      comprehension.

2.  The new job my youngest son has.

3.  Kipi’s new job which offers her more time to be with her girls.

4.  Warm clothes and hot coffee.

5.  The scriptures.

6.  My church family.

7.  Veterans Day.  Could we ever thank them enough?  I don’t think so.  But, thank you Veterans.

8. Louie, our sweet Yorkie. 

9.  My cotton that has been stripped and ginned.  Bad weather cannot effect it now.

10. America.

Ten Things Tuesday

My heart overflows with thankfulness.  Narrowing it down to ten is hard.

1.  I’m thankful every time I hear the words, “Mom?” or “Hi! Janny,” when I answer my cell phone.  What wonderful people my little ones have become.  A source of pure joy.

2. I’m thankful for a very special lady, who fought hopeless cancer…..and won.

3.  For all the goos and laughter that come from my 3 month old great granddaughter.

4.  Our Freedoms.

5.  Out bountiful crops.

6.  The Star Spangle Banner and the chills I get everytime I hear it.

7.  Jalayna, my beautiful granddaughter,  who will be 16 in a few days.

8.  Beauty of God’s nature that surrounds us.

9.  Old and new friends.

10. The promises of God

Ten Things Tuesday

 XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday


1. As always, my wonderful children and grandchildren.  They are awesome.

2. The rain that is falling right now.

3. The new friends I met on a trip I recently took.

4. My Ladies Bible Class.

5. The holidays.

6. To witness my granddaughter march in her band Thursday.

7. Hugs.

8. Memories.

9. Happiness

10. God's Promises

Ten Things Tuesday

1.  My remarkable four children, it doesn’t get any better than this. 

2.  My son-in-law and daughter-in-law, they are incredible.

3.  My grandchildren. 

4.  Kipi’s stem cells that she so lovingly gave her brother.

5.  Rain

6.  The beauty of God’s nature that surrounds us.

7.  Answered prayers.

8.  Ten Things Tuesday. 

9.  Our abundant food supply.

10.  United States of America.

Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

I am new at Ten Things Tuesday, but I am so glad to be here.  Thanks Kipi for helping me arrive at this place.

1.  My four amazing children.  ( Kipi belongs to me.)

2. My eight grandchildren.

3. My first great grandchild.

4. The health to enjoy everything.

5.  God’s word.

6. Crisp fall air.

7.  Neighbors that are unbelivably kind and considerate.

8.  Today’s numberous ways of communicating.

9.  Hugs.

10. Laughter.